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Turtle Neck.

We just had a patient come in with a stiff neck. We call that spasmodic torticollis AKA "Turtle Neck". It's one of the most common types of neck pain we treat.

Here is what happens. You wake up and can't turn your neck. Ouch. Then it goes down behind the shoulder blade and your'e in pain for 3 weeks.

What has happened is the small 3rd layer deep small neck muscles have gone into spasm and then spreads to the lareger muscles. It is like throwing out the low back but at least you are not bed ridden.

The major causes are ceiling fans and A/C (cold air on the neck) sleeping wrong and stress. Left untreated it takes 3 weeks but with care we have a system at Arizona Spinal Care that gets rid of it in 1-3 visits in 1-5 days.

We recommend heat, soft tissue therapy and chiropractic adjustments. We expect 10-40% improvement the first day and then steady improvement from there. It's not rocket science, just lots of TLC.

For more info on this and the other conditions we treat, please visit http://www.arizonaspinalcare.com/scottsdale-chiropractic-conditions.html

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