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Save Time & Money. Your Chiropractor Can Order Your Blood Work.

We had a patient just the other day that said he was going to fly back to the Midwest in the spring to have his Physician order lab work as part of his annual physical.

While we are all loyal to our Dr.'s, Chiropractors and hair stylists, this patient wants to start dieting and exercising now.

What he did not know until we told him was that we can and do order all lab and blood work, MRI, CT and diagnostic testing.

As Chiropractors we are fully trained in drawing blood, reading, intrepreting and diagnosing the results. The same holds true with X-rays and MRI.

So, when you need to have anything from cholesteol checked to an MRI for your back or neck pain Arizonal Spinal Care can take care of that for you and save you an extra trip, time and expense than having to go to your PCP.

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